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Mastering the Game part 2 - A Band of Brothers and Sisters

I felt the disturbance in the force last time I've published my first article. Honestly, it felt good, and do you know why?

Because I realize that this platform is also tending towards mainstream media without any real added value, slowly, the vast majority of paid advertisements and articles repeated to boredom can be found elsewhere and come to the fore.

Well, I try to break this wave, and although my writing is far from one of the trending and trendy things here (not to speak of perfect), I hope it can guide and help some of those "lost souls" in the gaming world of the children.

Last time I've brought you some acronyms from the gaming scene. This time we are diving deeper into the lair of the serpent because if you want to rebuild your seemingly lost relationship with your young one, you have to know your "enemy." I dare you to follow me in the upcoming few minutes where I enfold the two main game types of the past, present, and maybe future.

Ready Player One?

Here we go:

Offline Games

Offline games are individually based, which means your child is separated from the internet and almost any social activity. It requires full attention and commitment to the actual game. Imagine this state when you are sitting at a lake fishing, and the only thing you can focus on is your fishing rod.

There are many game genres for PC and console (more about that in a future article), but it's enough to start with baby steps for now.

I always loved to play strategic games on the PC, and while it's true nowadays that those types of games also appear on the console, never the less, the true platform of Strategic games is and will be the PC!

There are so many advantages to children in strategic games!

They learn: 

- how to multitask

- how to be organized

- how to prioritize

- how to focus 

- logical and analytical thinking

- strategies

- tactics

Their attention is improving!

If you're thinking of buying this kind of game for your child, start with some Turn-Based Strategy Game! 

At those games, the player can "freeze" time and has the option to think their actions through!

I remember when I started playing games, there were only offline games. Those games like Dune2; WarCraft; StarCraft; AoE; Doom; Duke Nukem; Diablo; Imperium Galactica etc. "sucked me in" like hell, and I couldn't listen to my parent's voice. Not because I didn't want to listen, but the flow of the game was so intense that I couldn't turn away.

Online games:

With the expanding and accelerating speed of the internet, game studios realized the potential of playing a game online. The history of playing online goes back to the late '70s. But it wasn't that popular back then. First, it started with the multiplayer features in the games, where players could join a network to meet other live players. I can remember one of my first RPG games (Diablo) also had a multiplayer feature, and it was a blast at that time! We sat in front of our PCs, and on the screen, another character appeared next to ours, and the fun could begin.

However, I must say that the multiplayer feature is not every time played on the internet. 

It was a hot summer somewhere in the mid-'90s when I visited one of my friends at home to play something on the PC. We were sitting in the same room without any internet connection, and still, we could play the same game against each other or joined forces against the AI of the game! Heroes of Might and Magic defined the description of a hot seat. 😊 

Later, when a dial-in network connection was available in the households, kids started to play on the internet without having many other kids next to them. 

Don't get me wrong! My friends' relationship remained after we switched to "online" gaming, but a whole new area was unfolding in front of our eyes.

By that time, I had some strange relationships. I met people every day, and we hang out together. We talked and laughed and were happy for each other's life achievements (like somebody became a Dad, for instance). The strange thing here was that I never met these people in real life! This was a new experience for me. I've missed those guys when I couldn't sit in front of the PC. We were a band of brothers and sisters alike!

It wasn't the game which infected me, but the people! I had the good fortune to meet like-minded folks through the games, who like the same movies, books, etc., like me! Some of them even met in real life, and some made parties where they invited their virtual friends! I also got many invites, but I had difficulties traveling back then, so I couldn't join.

I've met somebody on the net, we became friends, and till this very day, we kept that friendship! 

As you can see, there is also even more than just stating: my child is addicted to a game, but you need to realize that there are also relationships in the virtual world of your young one, even if you can't see it, or even if your child doesn't want to reveal it in front of you! When you say: My child is anti-social, because…, please consider: it might not be true! Maybe your kid is a "rockstar" among his/her people!

The only thing you can do: have patience, and understand the circumstances!

To do so, you need to master the game!

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