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Mastering the Game

Arriving home after a long and hard day, you want to do one thing: spend some quality time with your family!

Your spouse greets you. Hugs and kisses you. Before you could ask, you receive the info:

"Our child is upstairs and doing THAT thing again!"

You can feel that blood is rushing in your head as cortisol (the stress hormone) rises in your body and takes over control. Still, you keep your cool as you climbing the stairs and entering the room of your beloved child.

You start with a normal voice and a sweet greeting, something like:

"Hey dear, I am home! Don't you want to come down and have dinner with us together?"

Your child is pressing buttons on the computer or the game console deeply without paying attention to the outside world. -

You can feel the punch in your stomach area as the blow hits you below the belt.

You cannot take it any longer; after all, you are the adult in the house! You let your anger, frustration, and inner beast out. Furthermore, the fight continues as you do not even know when it started.

You just got stuck in the loop of a never-ending war.

Then you are blaming yourself. After all, you have got the latest game that your kid wanted because you had no idea what he needs (you just wanted to get him a little joy). You blame society, modern education, social media, game developers, and God knows who else as well. You do not understand your child because you did not grow up in this world, but you feel your relationship is getting faded ...

Even you are successful at your job, and you know tons of strategies for handling such issues at the office here at that moment, it does not matter, and you cannot even recall any of those strategies even if you would try as hard as you can.

What if I would tell you that there is another way?

You have to understand that computer games are just as much part of your child's life as anything else. To make a deeper relationship with your young one is not enough to give money to games; you have to understand those on a deeper level. Patterns. There are patterns everywhere. In your communication, daily life, etc., etc.

There are patterns in gaming, as well! 

Since 1995 I consider myself a gamer. Moreover, yes, I was also addicted to games! Nevertheless, I managed to overcome that state and learned how to maintain a healthy balance between games and real-life!

First of all, let's help clarify the basic concepts.

Here are the first few vital acronyms to understand :


The role-playing game (RPG) is a board game in which players form a verbal way of thinking about a commonly imagined world of fantasy, where the play of the game resembles a lot of the work of a jointly invented book or movie.

Online RPG's are already running through on the computer under one or more moderators. Those games vary in genre and storyline, not to speak about the available content for money.

RPG games both for console and PC, online and offline, have a strong built-up storyline (sometimes with two or more main storylines) where the player can and need to interact within the game with other characters (known as NPC's - Non-Player Characters).

Develops thinking, written text comprehension, and improves emotional intelligence.


A real-time strategy game (abbreviated as RTS) is a genre of video games. These games are played on the computer's map; the players are usually in a small building at a more or less randomly chosen point on a map.

In the average case, the main tasks are to collect resources on the gaming map and build the bases - buildings or other unit manufacturing facilities (spacecraft, e.g.), to propagate and develop technologies and create units (workers, fighters, vehicles, etc.). The goal is for players or their teams to conquer one another or overcome the computer or perform tasks requiring different strategic tasks. The most common goal is to capture hostile bases, but this also depends on the game background's history and genre.

Develops a strategic mindset, written text comprehension, and improves tactical presence.

The list of game types is not "that" long, so there is hope for those parents who really want to regain some quality time with their children.

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